Fenders when should be replaced

Is It Rust? One of the most common issues when it comes to fenders is rust. While this can affect many other auto body parts as well, fenders are usually the first to catch it. Why? Because they face the rough conditions of driving much more than any other part. When the wheels of your car are spinning they go over all kinds of things. Water, moisture and even salt are some of the culprits that can lead to damaged fenders. Of course, this does not happen overnight. Yet it only takes a small crack in the coating and the right drop of water to find it, and the rust process have begun thanks to this catalyst. Sadly, with rust repairs are not that easy. You can try to sand it down and then recoat the fender with proper painting and finish, but it will never look the same. Plus there is no telling that you’ve done the job correctly. It is very likely that there is still residual moisture, which will once more lead to further rust development. At that point replacing the fender is t

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